Why does my cat fart so much?

Why Does My Cat Fart So Much?

Many of us have been in a situation where you are in a room and begin to smell something unpleasant, and you know that you aren’t the cause. As you scan the room and your eyes meet with the others in the room who are having the same thought everyone seemingly denies doing it without saying a word. Then you gaze towards your cat and realize where the foul odor is coming from.

Farting is a natural occurrence in cats and other animals just as it is in humans. You may have wondered why does my cat fart so much?  The reasons which cause farting can vary and will be discussed in this article.

Why Do Cats Fart So Much?

Cats fart because gas is trapped in their intestinal tract. While cat farting is a normal part of food being digested, there are many reasons that the farts are being produced.

Potential Reasons Your Cat Farts A Lot?

Swallowing Air

One reason that your cat may be farting is because they have swallowed air as they are eating their food. This can often be caused by your cat consuming their food too quickly. When the air is swallowed it travels through the digestive system it will be released as either a burp or a fart.

Food Being Digested

Another cause of your cat’s farting can be attributed to the digestive process. As the food that they consume is processed in the digestive tract, gases are created as the food is being broken down. As the food and gas reach the intestinal tract, these gases are released as farts.

Food Allergies/Sensitivities

Cart farts can also be caused by food allergies/sensitivities. When your cat has a food allergy or sensitivity, consuming these foods can cause irritation in the digestive and intestinal tracts which produce gas that your cat eliminates as a fart. 


Foods containing excess fiber can also cause your cat to fart. Fiber is a type of plant material that is not digested by the gastrointestinal tract. As the bacteria in your cat’s colon processes the fiber, gas is created as a byproduct. This gas that is created is later released from your cat’s body in the form of a fart.

Dairy Products

Cat drinking milk

It is a common misconception that milk (other than cat milk) is good for your cat. In many instances cat farts can be attributed to your cat ingesting dairy products. While your cat may find them to be tasty, their digestive system is not designed to process milk of other animals or products made using dairy.

Intestinal Issues/Parasites

Intestinal issues such as parasites may also be the cause of your cat’s farting. If you notice that your cat is farting excessively, that the farts are unusually foul, or are accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting this could be a sign of a larger issue. If you notice that this is occurring, you may need to contact your veterinarian to be sure that your cat’s farts are not being caused by something more serious.

How to Prevent or Reduce Your Cat’s Farting?

While you will not be able to prevent all cat farting, there are some steps that you can take to reduce their farting. The steps below are some things you can do to try to reduce your kitty’s gas.

  • Determine if you are feeding your cat a diet that contains excessive amounts of fiber. If your cat has been consuming too much fiber, reducing the amount of fiber that they consume can help to reduce their farting.
  • Do not feed your cat milk or other dairy products.
  • Do not feed your cat table scraps or other foods that are intended for human consumption.
  • If you suspect that the cat farts are attributed to your cat swallowing too much air as they eat, try reducing the portion size that you feed to them at once. By reducing their portion size, your cat may slow down how fast they consume the food and therefore reduce the amount of air that they are swallowing.
  • Eliminate any intestinal parasites. If your cat’s veterinarian confirms your suspicion that intestinal parasites or other intestinal issues are to blame for your cat’s excessive farting, the excessive farting should subside once the underlying parasite or issue has been resolved.
  • As always talk to your vet if you feel your cat’s farting is excessive.  Your vet may have some additional suggestions on things to do to reduce the gas.


Even though cat farting is natural and can even be funny at times, excessively foul farts or an excessive number of farts from your cat can be caused by a more serious issue. If you notice that your cat’s farts are becoming unbearable to smell or that they are farting excessively, consider taking them to a veterinarian to determine if the farts are attributed to a greater issue.