Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water

Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water?

It’s commonly thought that all cats despise water, but that’s not necessarily true. Some cats are more likely to enjoy it, especially those that have less commonly “cat-like” characteristics. Often called dog-like cats, Ragdolls are one of the few cat breeds that don’t have as much in common with their feline friends. So do Ragdoll …

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Do Ragdoll Cats Shed

Do Ragdoll Cats Shed?

Ragdoll cats are well-known for their friendly, almost dog-like personalities and their beautiful fluffy coats of long fur. Naturally, when you see a cat with such magnificent hair, you wonder about how much upkeep and maintenance is needed. Do Ragdoll cats shed, and if so, how much? Read on to learn more! Do Ragdoll Cats …

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What Can Cats Drink?

What Can Cats Drink?

Whether you’re a new cat owner or have had cats as pets for years, it’s tempting to let them drink whatever they want. As humans, we can drink everything from water to orange juice and almost anything in between. But can cats? We’ll find out what cats can drink and more in the article below. …

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