Do Border Collies Like Water?

Do Border Collies Like Water?

There are some dog breeds that are bed especially to be agile in the water.  Whereas there are other dog breeds that don’t take to the water as naturally.  If you are wondering, do Border Collies like water, this article will dive into that topic.

Do Border Collies Like Water?

Some Border Collies like water, whereas others don’t.  It depends on the individual Border Collie, their personality, and positive or negative experiences they’ve had around water.  Generally, Border Collies who do like water, don’t care for deep water, they prefer to play in shallow water.

Do Dogs Like Water Naturally?

Contrary to popular belief that all dogs take naturally to water, or that all dogs can swim, some dogs don’t naturally take to the water.  Many dogs have to be positively exposed to water before they learn to be ok around and in water.

Do Border Collies Like To Swim?

Some Border Collies like to swim, whereas others aren’t as comfortable in water where their paws can’t touch the ground.  This really depends on your individual dog, and their confidence and experiences around water. 

Some Border Collies take to swimming naturally, while others need some coaching before they get the hang of it.  Border Collies definitely are capable of swimming, how quickly they take to it will vary by dog.

Why Is My Border Collie Afraid Of Water?

There isn’t an exact answer that is correct for all Border Collies.  Some Border Collies are afraid of water because they have had negative experiences around water in the past.  Those negative experiences have caused them to develop a fear of water.

Others Border Collies are afraid of water because they aren’t as confident in new situations.  A larger body of water can be intimidating for a dog just like it can be for a human. 

How To Help Your Border Collie Like Water

If your Border Collie doesn’t take to water as quickly as you hoped there are some things you can do to try and help you dog learn to like water.

Try the tips below:

Don’t Force Your Dog into any Body of Water

If your Border Collie is hesitant around water, never try and force them into the water when they aren’t ready.  This could create a negative experience with water and cause them to fear being around water more.

Border Collie Playing With Water

Instead, expose them to being around water gradually and you may find that they warm up.  Incorporate water into some of your activities and play time. 

If your dog can see that you are comfortable being in and around water, they may eventually get into the water on their own after they can access it is safe.

Be Around Other Dogs That Like Water

Social situations help dogs just like they help kids.  Having your Border Collie around other dogs who feel comfortable in and around water will show your dog that the water is safe and fun. 

Give Your Dog Subtle Exposure to Water

Playing games that use water or are around bodies of water help your Border Collie get a subtle exposure to water without forcing it upon them. 

For example, playing fetch.  Instead of tossing the ball or toy on the ground toss it in a kiddie pool or next to shallow water.  If you use a kiddie pool, start off with it empty, as your dog gets comfortable add small amounts of water at a time.

Before you know they will be jumping into a half-filled kiddie pool without caring.

Get in the Water Yourself!

Just like other dogs can help your dog feel more comfortable in the water, so can you.  Your dog trusts you and so, if they see that you get in the water and are ok they are more likely to follow.

It may not happen immediately, but eventually they will put two and two together.  Start by easing in the shallow end of the pool or getting into a kiddie pool. 

Don’t expect your dog to follow you to the deep of a pool from the beginning, start in bodies of water where your pup can still keep their paws on the ground.

Try Swimming Lessons

Just like parents use swimming lessons for young kids to help them get used to water, there are swimming lessons for dogs as well. 

The instructors know ways of exposing your dog to water and gradually getting them comfortable without forcing them.  They also usually use dog life jackets to give your dog an extra layer of security in the water initially.

Many dog owners find that it only takes their dog a couple of lessons before they are comfortable in the water.  If you dog has already had some negative experiences around water it may take a little longer but it is still worth a shot.

Fun Activities To Do With Your Border Collie Around Water

Going to a Dog Beach or Lake

There are dog beaches in many locations around the world.  This is a good activity to do with your dog around water as you are trying to get them to like the water because it also provides that social aspect of having them see other dogs in the water.

Lakes are also a good option.  Usually, Border Collies who grow up spending time around bodies of water from a young age are less likely to be afraid of water.

Using a Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are a great way to expose your Border Collie to water if you don’t have a pool or aren’t close to other bodies of water.  Kiddie pools are relatively inexpensive and can be fun for the whole family, not just the dog. 

You can get some water dog toys and play games in and around the kiddie pool.  After some time, your dog will likely get comfortable enough to jump in and out of a kiddie pool filled with water.

Swim Lesson or Visit to a Dog Pool

As discussed above, swimming lessons are a good way to have a professional help you get your Border Collie exposed to water.  Many areas also have dog pools that are just like public pool for human only they are for dogs. 

Often times these pools have different classes or activities as well as just a free swim where you can bring your dog to keep exposing them to water and learning to swim.


Although some Border Collies like water naturally, others are a little more leary.  The good news is that there are things you can do to help your dog get more comfortable and hopefully learn to like water. 

Every Border Collie is different, but using the techniques in this article should be enough to help most dogs learn that water is fun to play in.  Although some Border Collies may never love jumping into deep water, they can learn to like water especially more shallow bodies of water.