can guinea pigs eat grapefruit

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapefruit?

If you have a guinea pig as a pet you want to make sure you are feeding them a balanced diet with occasional healthy treats.  Many guinea pig owners wonder can guinea pigs eat grapefruit?

This article will explore whether it is safe to feed grapefruit to guinea pigs and any potential dangers involved with feeding grapefruit to your cavy.

So, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapefruit?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat grapefruit but some guinea pigs may not like grapefruit because of its acidity.   If your guinea pig does like grapefruit, it still should only be given in very small quantities because of the sugar content.

Benefits of Grapefruit for Guinea Pigs

Rich in Vitamin C

One of the big benefits of grapefruit for guinea pigs is that it is high in Vitamin C.  Guinea pigs do not produce Vitamin C on their own, so they need to consume enough Vitamin C for their bodies through the food they eat. 

Low in Fat

Just like humans should limit the amount of fats in their diet so should guinea pigs.  Guinea pigs can develop cholesterol problems if eating a diet too high in fat for a prolonged period.  In addition, guinea pigs can gain weight quickly so limiting their fat intake is key to their overall health long term.


Guinea pigs also need an adequate amount of calcium in their diets for their bodies to get the nutrients it needs.  A lack of calcium can cause several deficiencies, weight loss, and weak bones.

Oftentimes, the pellets that guinea pigs eat for food as pets, aren’t very high in calcium so supplementing with fruit that is higher in calcium occasionally will be beneficial to your cavy.

Nutritional Content for Grapefruit

Below is the nutritional information for 156 grams of grapefruit which is about ½ of a medium sized grapefruit.

Protein1 gCalcium50 mg
Vitamin A315 mcgThiamin0.5 mg
Vitamin C90 mgVitamin B60.6 mg
Niacin0.3 mgFolate15 mcg
Fat0 gMagnesium15 mg
Fiber2 gPotassium160 mg
Protein1 gSodium0 mg
Sugar11 g  
Nutritional information taken from

Potential Hazards of Feeding Grapefruit to Guinea Pigs

Although there are many benefits to feeding grapefruit, there are also some hazards you should be aware of:

Two Guinea Pigs

High Sugar Content

Generally, fruits that are high in sugar should only be given in small quantities on an occasional basis to your guinea pig.  Guinea pig’s bodies aren’t made to process large amount of sugar, it serves no nutritional purpose for them, and very detrimental to their health if they consume too much sugar over time.


The other hazard of feeding grapefruit to your guinea pig is its acidity.  Similar to pineapple, some guinea pigs may not like grapefruit because it is so acidic.  Other’s may still enjoy it, but it should be limited because their bodies can’t handle too much acidity and it could lead to sores in their mouths.

How much Grapefruit should you Feed your Guinea Pig?

If your guinea pig enjoys grapefruit, it can be a good fruit to give as an occasional treat.  You should limit your feeding of grapefruit to once or twice a week.  When you feed it, you should only feed a one-inch cube each time to prevent them from having too much sugar or acidity.

Tips for Feeding Grapefruit to your Guinea Pig

  • Remove the skin – It is best to remove the skin for the small portion of grapefruit fed to your guinea pig as the skin is more difficult for their bodies to digest and could be a choking hazard.
  • Only feed fresh grapefruit – Canned grapefruit will be even higher in sugar content than fresh grapefruit and may also contain additional preservatives that a cavy shouldn’t have.
  • Look for reactions to the acidity – As stated above, some guinea pigs are ok with the acidity and other’s aren’t.  Look to see how their react when trying grapefruit for the first time, and also watch them for any negative reactions for at least 24 hours after consuming the fruit.


Guinea pigs can definitely eat grapefruit in small quantities.  If your guinea pig can tolerate the acidity, it can be a great occasional treat once or twice a week.  It is high in Vitamin C, calcium, and low in fat which is good for a cavy.  Just be aware that their intake of grapefruit should be limited because of its high sugar content.