Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls?

Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls?

It is easy to be tempted to give our dogs a taste of our dinner especially when they give us the puppy dog eyes, however, not all human food is safe for dogs to eat.  You may have wondered if dogs can eat egg rolls?

This article will cover if dogs can eat egg rolls, the risks of feeding egg rolls to your dog, and better alternatives to give them instead.

Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls?

Yes and no!  Yes, dogs can likely eat an egg roll without being rushed to the vet, however, that doesn’t mean dogs should eat egg rolls.  Egg rolls should be avoided because are made with spices and ingredients that can be harmful to dogs, they are fried, and are higher in sodium.

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are fried

One reason why your dog shouldn’t consume egg rolls is because fried foods aren’t good for dogs.  When foods are fried, they retain excess amounts of oil that can be too much for a dog’s system to handle.

Eating foods high in oil long term can cause problems with bloating, obesity, and even liver diseases.

Egg rolls contain ingredients/spices harmful to dogs

Another reason egg rolls should be avoided as a treat is because the filling is made of ingredients and spices that aren’t safe for dogs.  Egg rolls usually contain onion powder, garlic powder, and soy sauce.  None of which should be fed to dogs.

In addition, egg rolls also contain cabbage.  Although cabbage isn’t bad for dogs to eat, some dogs have trouble digesting cabbage and it can cause them gas and stomach discomfort.  You would have to monitor your individual dog to see if cabbage upsets their stomach.

Higher in sodium

High sodium diets can be extremely harmful to dogs, as dogs can’t tolerate as much sodium in their daily diet as humans. 

Egg rolls are higher in sodium than what a dog should consume regularly.  A diet too high in sodium can cause hypertension just like for humans, as well as kidney issues.  It is better to find a treat with less sodium than egg rolls for your pooch to enjoy on a regular basis.

Higher in carbs

Lastly, egg rolls should be avoided for dogs because they are also higher in carbs.  Dogs need carbs in their diet for energy but too much can cause problems for them long term. 

A diet too high in carbs can cause obesity.  In addition, carbs are converted into sugar when processed so a diet too high in carbs can also lead to the development of diabetes which can cause a host of other issues.

Alternatives to Egg Rolls for Dogs

There are many other human foods that are safer for dogs to eat than egg rolls.  Fruits like watermelon, apples and blueberries are safe to feed your dog.  In addition, vegetables like carrots, green beans and celery are also dog friendly treats. 


No, dogs shouldn’t eat egg rolls.  They fried, made with ingredients dogs should avoid and have too much sodium for a dog.  Even though they shouldn’t consume egg rolls regularly, one piece of an egg roll likely won’t cause your dog harm, but you should definitely monitor them for an negative reactions.

Instead of giving your dog egg rolls, it is better to consider other dog-safe fruits and vegetables that won’t be detrimental to your dog’s health long term.