Are Border Collies Protective

Are Border Collies Protective?

Smart, curious, and playful – Border Collies make the perfect furry friend for individuals and families. If you are planning to adopt a Border Collie pup, you may want to know whether Border Collies are protective and if so to what extent. 

This article will dive into this guide to know about the protective behavior of this breed.    

Are Border Collies Protective?

Yes, Border Collies generally have a protective instinct towards their owner and property.  However, ultimately, it all depends on the individual dog.

The rearing, training, and individual experiences of the dog plays a major role in determining the protective nature of a Border Collie.

Border Collies are shepherding dogs. They were first bred to protect and manage herds of cattle. If you train them as guard dogs, they can be really good at safeguarding you and your property from strangers.

Generally, Border Collies are protective but not aggressive. They are exceptionally loyal and faithful. So, if you are getting a dog for a sense of security along with other reasons, Border Collies will make a great choice.

Will My Border Collie Protect Me Without Training?                             

Generally, many Border Collies will show protective behavioral traits and can be distrusting of strangers.

They are sheepdogs and carry an instinct for protecting their owner, but at the same time are extremely friendly. With training, this protective trait of the breed can be moderated or emphasized, turning them into excellent guard dogs.

However, if you do not train them, it will completely depend on the nature of the individual dog. You might find your Collie protecting you even without any training, or your pup might not show any protective behavior at all.

Training is important to ensure that your dog behaves the way you want it to behave.

If you do not train, they will mold their nature according to instinct or surroundings, which might or might not meet your expectations.     

Are All Border Collies Protective?

As we have already mentioned, Border Collies have a natural protective tendency, but you cannot say that every border collie will be protective unless you train them for it.

They are highly intelligent, and when trained, they will protect their family diligently. Without training, it totally depends on the individual dog.

At What Age Do Border Collies Start Guarding?

Normally, Border Collies will start exhibiting guarding behavior between six and twelve months of age.

Puppies generally start developing their behavioral traits around 6- 8 weeks of age. You might observe some protective behavior in your Border Collie pup as early as 12 weeks of age.

However, it depends on the individual dog, their surroundings, socialization, and training.

Signs Your Border Collie Is Protective And Will Protect You If Needed

To know if your Border Collie is protective and will protect you if needed, keep an eye for some of the following signs:

Being alert       

Border Coolies are highly energetic working dogs. Alertness is one of their common trait across the breed.

A border Collie with a protective instinct will quickly react to any noise or movement that might not even catch your attention otherwise.

If your pup becomes vigilant when there is a stranger at the door or becomes impatient to check out when there is a noise in the backyard, it is a clear display of alertness.     


Border Collies are generally very friendly by nature.  Snarling or growling at strangers shows their natural protective instinct. However, they are not likely to actually bite.


Barking is a way our dogs communicate with us. This could be for a variety of reasons, one of which is to warn us of potential danger.

If your Border Collie is barking it means that they want to draw your attention to someone or something that might be a threat. They will also bark to ward off anything that they perceive as a threat. 

Placing Themselves Between You And Danger

A protective Border Collie will try to place themselves between you and whatever seem like a probable threat or danger to them.  Whether that is a stranger who walks up to you or an animal that gets too close.

This behavior is a strong sign that your Border Collie has got your back!

Being More Wigilant When You Are Not Home

A protective Border Collie will behave more vigilant when you are not at home.  When you aren’t at home, your dog feels like it is their job to protect the home until you return.

Also, if your kids are alone, your Border Collie might become extremely watchful and cautious, reacting even to the slightest unusual sound to make sure they stay safe.

Guarding Your Personal Items

You might find your Border Collie pup guarding your personal items from strangers or guests. They might growl or bark to let the person know that they should not touch something.


Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They are highly energetic and need an active lifestyle to stay happy. Collies are generally protective by nature, but every dog has their own behavioral characteristics.

They can make a good watchdog make when trained but generally Border Collies are friendly, loyal companions.