Why does my cat attack my hair?

Why Does My Cat Attack My Hair?

Cats are common house pets and can make excellent companions. However, cat owners know that cats can sometimes display some odd behaviors.  If your cat has started becoming fascinated with your hair, you may be wondering why does my cat attack my hair?

In this article, we are going to be looking at the reasons for this behavior, as well as how you can get your cat to stop attacking your hair.

So, Why Does Your Cat Attack Your Hair?

Cats can attack their owners hair for a variety of reasons, including playing, being bored, showing affection and grooming you. Unless this behavior is hurting you, it is generally nothing to be concerned about.

Reasons Why Your Cat Attacks Your Hair

Your Cat Is Playing

Young cats especially are playful animals, and they love to interact with their humans by playing with them.  If you have long hair, your kitty could see it as a toy. 

When we are playing with our cats with teaser or wand toys, the toy swings around in the air and the cat tried to catch it.  Longer hair especially also swings around in the air as you move, thus your car could see this movement as similar to that of a toy and try and play with your hair.

Your Cat Is Giving You Affection

Cats show affection in different ways than humans.  Licking, chewing and playing with their owners’ hair, can be one of the ways of your pet showing you love.

Your Cat Is Bored

Cats are extremely intelligent animals, and they can get bored easily. When a cat gets bored, they can sometimes display unwanted behaviors to get their owner’s attention or keep themselves busy.  This is where your hair comes in!

Your Cat Likes Your Scent

Like with many animals, a cat’s sense of smell plays an important role in how they navigate the world. Our hair naturally has a distinct scent. 

However, we often use smelly products like shampoos or conditioners that have a stronger less natural scent.  Your cat could be attracted to the scent, which would attract your cat to your hair.  This could most likely be the case if you are using a new smellier product on your hair.

Your Cat Finds Playing with Your Hair Comforting

Just like humans exhibit some weird behaviors out of comfort, so do cats.  Your cat could be playing and attacking your hair because it makes them feel good and helps them relieve stress.

Although playing with hair doesn’t seem like a comforting behavior to us, for a cat just being near us and interacting in any way could provide a sense of comfort for them.

Your Cat Is Grooming You

Many animals express their affection and adoration to other animals by grooming them. Although humans aren’t cats, cats don’t realize that we are different and don’t need to be groomed. Although it may not be the most comfortable feeling for us, remember that this is a common way for cats to show that they care.

Why Does My Cat Chew My Hair?

After attacking your hair, it is also common for cats to chew on their owner’s hair. The reasons for this are very similar to those listed above.

Firstly, cats may chew on their owner’s hair as a way of showing them that they love them. We mentioned that biting is one way that a cat shows affection; this is very close to chewing, so look at this behavior as a sign of affection.

However, cats may also chew on things when they are stressed as it can help to relieve their anxiety. If there have been any recent changes or you believe there is a reason that your kitty might be stressed, your cat might be calling out for your assistance.

Ways To Get Your Cat To Stop Attacking Or Chewing Your Hair

Although many of the reasons cats attack and chew hair and harmless and actually sweet, the behavior can be unwanted, inconvenient, and even painful at times. Luckily, there are things that you can do to reduce or prevent this behavior.

Woman and cat on the sofa
  • If the scent of your hair is creating the issue, you should try switching up your shampoo or any other products that you use in your hair. Going for a more natural or less smelly product may do the trick.
  • Try using toys to redirect your cat’s behavior. If he is attracted to your long hair and treats it as a toy, buying some dangling toys like teasers and wands. Keep these toys all around the house, so that when your cat goes for your hair, you can pull out a toy to divert its attention.
  • Make sure to spend enough time with your cat. Although cats need less exercise than dogs, they still need attention and interaction. Make sure to carve out time daily to play with, rub, and interact with your cat to keep them from getting bored and lonely.
  • If nothing else seems to stop the behavior, make an appointment with your vet. Sometimes cats can develop compulsive behaviors and your vet would be best suited to tell you how to deal with that issue.


Cats are intriguing animals who display a lot of interesting behaviors, but sometimes these behaviors may be a little confusing for their pet parents. If you have been troubled by your cat attacking your hair, it is comforting to know that this is a normal cat behavior and generally nothing to be concerned about. However, if this behavior is unwanted, it is usually easily resolved with a little time and patience.