How Much Exercise Do Dobermans Need

How Much Exercise Does A Doberman Need?

Dobermans are extremely active dogs that love exercise and need enough of it to thrive. If you own one of these strong, fiercely loyal dogs, or plan to in the future, then you probably want to know exactly what you’re in for when it comes to physical activity!

How much physical exercise should a Doberman get? Read on to find out!

How Much Exercise Does A Doberman Need? 

Dobermans are active and need sufficient physical activity in their everyday lives. As a general rule, most Doberman owners will exercise their dogs for at least an hour or two each day.

Still, a Doberman’s exercise needs depend on its health, age, and energy levels. 

How Much Physical Exercise Does A Doberman Puppy Need?

A Doberman puppy in good health will need different exercise durations, depending on its age.

As a general rule, for each month of its age, a Doberman needs 5 minutes of physical activity twice daily. For example, a 3-month-old puppy needs two 15-minute exercise sessions. And a 6-month-old puppy needs two 30-minute exercise sessions.

Physical activity for Doberman puppies should be moderately strenuous, but not overly vigorous. Due to their youth, Doberman puppies aren’t yet capable of sustaining exercise for very long.

Too much will put them in danger of serious health issues!

At one year of age, you can stop continuing to add more minutes, putting the maximum at two 60-minute exercise sessions daily.

This is the point at which you’ll need to consider your unique dog’s individual needs to determine their exercise requirements.

Do note, though, that a Doberman continues growing until the age of 2 years. For this reason, you should still be mindful of how much exercise you give them – don’t strain it or overdo the activity!

How Much Physical Exercise Does An Adult Doberman Need?

An adult Doberman should get about 2 hours of physical activity every day. This can be done all at once or broken up into two or more sessions throughout the day.

However, there will be exceptions to this rule, so you should consider your dog’s unique needs when it comes to determining their exact exercise needs.

The first thing to think about is your dog’s health. Are they prone to illness? Do they have physical conditions?

If so, exercise must be less vigorous and they may need less of it. A veterinarian will advise you on exact specifications, and you’ll discover a routine that works through trial and error. 

The second thing you must consider is your Doberman’s unique energy levels. Some Dobermans are extremely active and may need more exercise to tame this hyperactivity.

Doberman playing with toys outside

Others are calmer and more laid-back and may not want or need that much exercise.

As long as your Doberman is healthy and in a good weight range, you can use its energy levels to gauge the right amount of exercise.

It’s easy to overlook how crucial sufficient exercise is for a dog. With active breeds like Dobermans, it’s even more important to make sure they get enough activity in their day.

A lack of sufficient exercise can cause a Doberman to become hyperactive or act out with bad behavior because of all their pent-up energy.

It can also put the dog at risk of being overweight.

How Much Exercise Does A Senior Doberman Need?

As a Doberman ages, they are likely to have less energy as well as a higher risk of more physical health issues.

This is why their exercise needs are likely to change, especially at the age of 8 years and above.

A senior Doberman should do mostly moderate, or low-impact exercise that isn’t too vigorous, adjusted for each dog’s unique needs.

About 45 to 90 minutes of daily exercise is sufficient for a senior Doberman, broken up into two or more sessions if needed.

It sounds like a lot, but the fact is that Dobermans still need activity, even when they’re older. They’re active dogs with a lot of energy-related needs.

Utilize the same tips you use to determine a younger adult Doberman’s exercise needs to adjust this to your dog.

Neglecting exercise for a senior Doberman can increase their risk of becoming overweight, which will harm their muscles and joints.

At this age, it is more crucial than ever that a Doberman is strong enough to handle age-related degeneration, as many dogs develop arthritis in their senior years.

Do note that a senior Doberman is prone to both hip dysplasia and arthritis.

If your dog is diagnosed with either of these health issues, you will need to opt for even lower impact exercise and speak to your vet about the best options for them.

Exercise Options For Dobermans At Each Phase Of Life

At each point of life, Dobermans need different levels and types of exercise.

Knowing which options work best for your dog is important to its health and happiness!


Walks are the most universal form of exercise that a dog can enjoy, and Dobermans love walks.

They’re low-impact for both young and old dogs, but can be adjusted to be more vigorous by turning them into hikes or runs.

A healthy adult Doberman could easily walk for 45 minutes or run for 20 minutes without feeling tired. Puppies and senior dogs can enjoy shorter walks at a slower pace.


Swimming is also a good exercise for all stages of a Doberman’s life.

Puppies can swim for 5 to 10 short minutes at a time, as can senior dogs. Adult Dobermans will likely be able to swim for longer and at greater distances.

The exercise is gentle on the body’s joints and limbs, so it’s suitable for even dogs with health issues. You’ll have to teach your dog to swim and use a life jacket for safety, of course!

Playing Fetch

Games of fetch are great options for Dobermans of all ages, too.

Throw at shorter distances for very young puppies and senior dogs. For healthy adults, try playing more intense fetch-like games, such as Frisbee, to work off some energy.

Young Puppy Evercise

Young puppies will likely enjoy exercise with flirt pole toys. These toys are akin to the kinds cats love, with dangling objects hanging off of a long stick.

These are great for engaging a young puppy’s prey drive and can be done in a small, safe space indoors if needed.

They’re enticing enough to demand a burst of energy while also being limited in attention-grabbing, perfect for short exercise sessions.

Adult Doberman Exercise

Adult Dobermans can benefit from more challenging physical exercises, such as agility courses, tug-of-war games, and high-intensity play with other dogs.

They’ll be able to use the most of their healthy energy that engages the mind, muscles, and social skills!

Senior Doberman Exercise

Senior Dobermans will enjoy exercise that is slow but works out the muscles or mind in strong, easy ways. This means that basic training exercises can work wonders by getting your dog moving.

Asking them to sit, stay, stand, and come to you can be great ways to get some simple exercise going that works out the muscles.

You can also opt for exercise that utilizes puzzles, such as puzzle toys with treats that your dog will have to push around.

These require minimal strain but still get a senior dog moving!


Exercise is important for all dogs, and it’s especially important for the extremely active Doberman. The breed needs different levels of exercise at each stage of life, so make sure you stay aware of your dog’s unique needs!