Do Guinea Pigs Like Music

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music?

Although there is no scientific evidence to show that guinea pigs do or do not like music, many different guinea pig owners have found that music can cause their guinea pigs to become calm and relaxed. Music can serve multiple purposes to aid in relaxing your guinea pig, as long as you choose the right type of tunes.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music?

It depends. Guinea pig can like certain types of music, but it depends on your individual guinea pig. You can tell if your guinea pig likes music by observing their behavior when music is playing. Many people who have guinea pigs say that they like music, and they prefer some genres to others.

Do Guinea Pigs Have Good Hearing?

Guinea pigs have excellent hearing, and they are very sensitive to sounds and noises. They can hear high-frequency sounds that are outside of your range of hearing, so they hear music differently than humans do. This skill is critical to their ability to survive and avoid predators in the wild.

How To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Likes Music?

When you play music, look for any of the following signs that your guinea pig is enjoying it:

  • Relaxed with eyes closed
  • Making quiet purring sounds
  • Continuing to eat or behave as it normally would
  • Jumping around in a playful way

When guinea pigs are frightened or unhappy, they will show signs of distress, so any signs of normal behavior are an indicator that your guinea pig is happy with the music.

What Type of Music Is Best for Guinea Pigs?

The best type of music is soft music played at a volume slightly lower than normal. They enjoy instrumental piano tunes, music with water sounds, and anything soothing. This kind of music can actually have a calming effect on your guinea pig and help them relax.

Many guinea pig owners say that their guinea pigs love certain artists’ music. The best way to find out what type of music your guinea pig likes is to keep the volume low and play different calming types of music. Just make sure that you watch your furry friend closely to make sure that it doesn’t become distressed.

What Type of Music Will Guinea Pigs Not Like?

Guinea Pig Relaxing

There are certain types of music that your guinea pig won’t enjoy. Your pet will definitely be distressed if you blast any music too loudly. Music with loud noises such as techno or rock can also hurt your guinea pig’s ears and make it feel nervous.

Try to avoid the following when playing music for your guinea pig:

  • Loud sounds that are fast paced
  • Music with high pitched digital sounds
  • Subwoofers and loud speakers
  • Booming bass
  • Music with shouting

Your guinea pig will not love music that sounds as if you are in the center of the dance floor at a nightclub, nor will it like music with shrill guitar noises or digital sounds. You should keep the bass and treble at a moderate level, and try to avoid anything with too much energy.

Does Music Calm Guinea Pigs?

Scientists have not conducted studies to show whether music calms guinea pigs, but plenty of guinea pig owners have noticed a calming effect. They find that playing soft, soothing tunes help a guinea pig to relax, and they often leave soft music on at a low volume during the day.

If you are looking to calm your guinea pig, try soft piano tunes, gentle bell sounds, and water sounds. You can select relaxing music playlists and leave the music on for your guinea pig while you are at work if your guinea pig likes it.

How to Tell If Your Guinea Pig Is Bothered by Music

If your guinea pig doesn’t like music you will be able to tell by their behavior. It is important to look at their body language for signs of dislike or discomfort.

For example, while a deep purr is a sign of contentment and relaxation, a short purr or a high-pitched purr is often a sign that your guinea pig is bothered by something. If you notice this when you play music, there is a good chance that your guinea pig is unhappy.

If you notice your guinea pig is standing still and looking very stiff, almost frozen, and is chattering their teeth at the same time, you know that they are unhappy. Freezing is one of the most basic signs that your guinea pig senses danger or is not content.

Another sign that your guinea pig is unhappy is hiding under something in their environment or trying to escape from the sound. Look for any signs of irritability or discontent, and if you notice this, turn the music off immediately or try another calmer song.


In spite of the lack of scientific evidence, many pet owners say that their guinea pigs enjoy certain types of music and it has a calming effect on their pets. You should stick to softer sounds and lower volumes when playing music for your furry friend.