Do Cats Have A Favorite Person?

Do Cats Have A Favorite Person?

Cats are notoriously picky about who they bond with. However, oftentimes they gravitate toward one member of the family. If you are wondering do cats have a favorite person and how they select that special individual this article will lay out how cats select this person.

So, Do Cats Have A Favorite Person?

Many cats do have a favorite person. Typically this is the person who the cat feels most bonded to, can understand their needs and wants, and will give them space when appropriate. Spending quality time and respecting your cat’s space can help you become their favorite person.

How Do Cats Select Their Favorite Person?

Adapting To Your Cat’s Communication Style

Anyone who owns a cat knows that cats communicate differently than humans. There is a theory that if cats (lions specifically) could talk, we wouldn’t be able to understand them based on their different experience and context of life.

As cat owners, this means that we have to adapt the way we communicate so that our pet can better understand us. After all, your kitty isn’t going to learn to talk!

Cats will naturally gravitate towards people who seem to be able to communicate better with them. If a cat looks at you and softly blinks, this is a sign of affection.

An owner who returns this ‘cat kiss’ will likely become a favorite over a human who simply looks away.

Interestingly, cats do not use meowing to communicate with other felines and there is a degree of belief that they developed this method of communication to interact with humans.

Therefore, a family cat will be much more likely to favor a human who understands what their various meows mean over one that pays very little attention.

Bonding From A Young Age

Just like humans aren’t born with fear, neither are cats. Fear develops as cats age and are exposed to different situations. They learn there are threats around them and can become more cautious about who they trust.

By attempting to form a bond with your cat in the very early days you will establish trust with your cat that will be difficult to break outside of extreme circumstances.

Many kittens are rehomed around the age where they start to develop fear. Thus, it is importatnt to starting the bonding process as soon as you bing your kitty come.

If you know you are going to be purchasing a kitten, try and set up opportunities to spend time with them leading up to the day you bring them home.

If you have a kitten from birth and live in a larger household, you may find that the cat grows up not bonding with any specific person. This is because they will have become comfortable with everyone in the home and may develop something of an aloof personality.

In any case, the kitten will likely bond with the person who spends the most time with him and provides him with a tasty meal every day. This is the most basic way a cat chooses its favorite person.

Humans That Give A Cat Space

Cats can have finicky personalities. Your cat may love cuddles and playtime but there will come an often random moment during these interactions that your cat says enough is enough (non-verbally of course).

For some people, these cues are missed and this can lead to the cat getting agitated. If you are cat-savvy enough to pick up on this, then your pet will thank you for it by preferring you over other humans.

Knowing when you interact with your cat and knowing when to give him some quiet time is an essential part of cat ownership.

Many cats will likely run away from a person that tries to force interactions but gravitate towards an owner who returns quietly home from work at the end of the day without forcing the cat into cuddle time.

Signs That You Are A Cat’s Favorite Person

The ways that we have discussed how a cat chooses its favorite person may help you to understand whether you are doing the right things.

However, there are other signs that your cat may use to let you know you’ve been selected as their favorite person.

Following You Around

One sign you’re your cat’s favorite person is that they follow you around.

Most cats will do this incessantly when they want something, for example, when it gets close to feeding time.

Kitten standing on someone's shoulder

When this behavior seemingly appears for no other reason than your cat wanting to be in your presence, you can feel confident that this is one of your feline’s ways of telling you you’re special to them.

Giving You Affection

When a cat forms a close bond with a hunan, they will be want to give you affection. As we know, cats can be picky about who they cuddle up with and how often they show affection.

The way affection is given by a cat can be done in many ways and will vary from kitty to kitty.

For example, some cats might show affection by making chirping sounds when you pet them, curling up on your lap, or even sitting on your chest; whereas others may lick you then bite you.

You will learn the way your cat gives affection over time, keeping an eye on their body language will help you tell.

Giving You A Cat Kiss

A cat kiss is another way to tell you’re your cat’s favorite. A cat kiss is a slow blink that expresses affection, trust, and a special connection with the person they are “kissing”.

Some cats do this while they are sitting watching you, and others will give a cat kiss while you are petting them.

No matter the timing, a cat kiss is a big indication that your cat thinks the world of you.

Cat Sounds

Cat sounds are another clue that they have a special relationship with you.

Cats commoning make chirping noises when they are happy, excited or to get your attention.

Purring is another common sound cats make for various reasons. If your cat purrs when they are around you, or while you are petting them, it is a sign they feel comfortable and safe with you.

How To Become Your Cat’s Favorite Person

If you don’t think you are currently your cat’s favorite and you want to establish a closer bond there some things you can do to solidify yourself as special to your cat.

Be The Sole Caretaker

One of the easiest ways to get your cat to choose you as their favorite person is to provide all of their basic care.

If you are a single occupant in a house this is going to be even easier; families tend to share the care of pets between them although it is possible to take full responsibility if you want to form a strong bond.

Cat’s will come to love their owners but their primary concern is staying alive and this involves food. If you have a cat, you’ll know how bothersome they can get when they are hungry.

Being the human that fills that cat’s bowl will definitely earn you brownie points.

Spend Time With Your Cat

It is almost impossible to form a solid bond with a cat without spending time with them. Cats are highly intelligent animals and they will respond well to playtime and quality time when they are in the mood.

Each cat will differ in terms of what they enjoy. Playing new games can also be fun for owners as it will help strengthen your bond and help you get to know your cat better.

One of the pros to owning a cat is that they don’t require as much time as other pets like dogs. So even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands you can still spend quality time with your cat.

Inviting your cat to sit or be around you as you work, read, watch TV or go about your household chores can be a viable way of spending time with them.

It can be helpful to have a routine so that your cat knows when their quality time is. Pick a time and activity to do daily and you will find your cat gravities to you at that time wanting your company.

Be Respectful Of Your Cat’s Space

Earlier, we talked about the fact that cats tend to prefer humans who will allow them some alone time when it is needed.

If you want to become the cat’s favorite, then you must pay attention to their communication cues and take a step back when it is required of you.

When you first bring a new kitten home, they may want to explore, and you should allow this so long as they are safe. Cats do not like being micromanaged so it is important to give your cat the freedom to co-exist with you. This will allow mutual respect to develop.

In terms of play and affection, it is important to allow your cat to take the lead.

Most cats who have a strong bond with their owner will initiate this and it will show the cat that you respect it and do not want to hurt it. In turn, this will lead to a more positive relationship.


Most people get a pet for the company as well as to have a bond with them. Although many cats can be pretty aloof, many felines will choose a favorite person with whom they will have an extra-special relationship.

If you want this to be you, you should make sure to effectively communicate with your pet, respect their alone time, and spend regular quality time with them.