Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

If you own a guinea pig, it is common to wonder what human foods you can offer your pet as a treat. While it is essential to ensure that your guinea has ample amounts of hay each day, they can also enjoy fruits and vegetables in moderation.

If you are wondering whether it is safe for guinea pigs to eat kiwi, this article will answer that question in detail.

So, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat kiwi in moderation.  However, kiwi should only be fed very occasionally, and shouldn’t be a regular part of a guinea pig’s diet because it is high in sugar.

What Is Kiwi?

The kiwi fruit, which is often simply called the kiwi is a small, green fruit that was first grown in China. It wasn’t until 1904 when the fruit was introduced to New Zealand that it earned its name, having since been called the Chinese gooseberry.

Nutritional Information Of Kiwi

One of the greatest advantages to eating kiwi, whether you are a guinea pig or a human, is that kiwi is filled with nutrients and is very low in calories.

Kiwi fruit contains high levels of Vitamin C as well as a good amount of fiber which is essential for a healthy digestive system. Moreover, kiwi is bursting with antioxidants which can help to remove free radicals from the body, leading to improved overall health.

Heart health has long been linked to eating kiwi and other fruits that contain high levels of potassium. In fact, kiwi is so high in potassium, that a single portion may contain up to 5% of a human’s daily recommended intake.

Furthermore, this fruit contains high levels of folate, as much as 17.5mg per fruit.

Benefits Of Feeding Kiwi To Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs will do well on a diet that is primarily made up from hay; after all this is what they would feed on in the wild. But on top of this, it is important to provide your pet with a good source of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential for guinea pigs but since they cannot produce this on their own; much like us, so they need to have a viable supplement. Without enough vitamin C, your pet may experience serious illnesses, particularly scurvy.

Two Guinea Pigs

Scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency and when left untreated, it can quickly become fatal for our furry friends.

That said, kiwi also contains very high sugar levels which is dangerous for a guinea pig. For this reason, you give your guinea pig other fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C but contain less sugar.

Sweet peppers are a common source of vitamin C that is much healthier for a guinea pig because it has a lower sugar content.

Carrots are also an excellent source of vitamin C and can be eaten as part of a regular diet as opposed to just being used as an occasional treat.

If you do want to treat your pet to something a little fruitier, you can also choose things like pineapple and berries, which also contain a lot of vitamin C.

Just keep in mind that most fruits will need to be fed in moderation because they generally contain more sugar than vegetables.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat The Skin Of A Kiwi?

Kiwi has a textured skin that is edible. There are varying opinions on whether guinea pigs should eat the skin. 

In our opinion, the best way to feed a kiwi, is to remove the skin and just feed the flesh of the fruit.  However, because the skin has higher levels of vitamin C some owners want to feed the whole kiwi to their guinea.

The risks main of feeding the kiwi with the skin is choking and pesticide contamination.  If you are going to fed kiwi with the skin in place, thoroughly wash the skin before feeding. 

It is also best to cut the kiwi into small slices before feeding them to your cavy. Remember a guinea pig should never be fed a whole kiwi as it will be too much sugar for their small bodies.

Should Guinea Pigs Eat The Seeds In A Kiwi?

Many guinea pig owners are understandably concerned about their guinea pig eating the small kiwi seeds that are lodged in the flesh of kiwi. 

However, the good news is guinea pigs are about to eat kiwi seeds, because so soft that they simply pass straight down the throat, causing no problems.

That being said, there are many seeds that should never be given to a guinea pig as they may be a choking hazard.

These include papaya seeds, apple seeds, and watermelon seeds. Not only are they a potential choke risk but their rough nature means that they may cause injuries on the way down.

How Often Should Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t be fed kiwi more than once a week because of its sugar content. When feeding this fruit slice it in small chunks and give no more than three chunks per serving.


Although guinea pigs shouldn’t have a diet filled with fruit, it is ok to feed them fruit as an occasional treat. Kiwi is ok for guinea pigs to eat sometimes, but not more than once a week because it is high in sugar.

Other fruits that can be given to guinea pigs in moderation include grapefruit, oranges, apples, and pineapple.