Are Beagles Good For First Time Owners

Are Beagles Good For First Time Owners?

The consensus on whether Beagles are good for first-time dog owners is split down the middle. You’ll find many who believe they’re great for this purpose and many who believe that’s a very bad idea.

At the end of the day, you have to determine whether Beagles are a good first dog for you and your specific situation and preferences!

6 Reasons A Beagle Would Not Make A Good First Dog

1.   They Have a Powerful Sense of Smell

All dogs have strong noses, but Beagles are even stronger than the average. As hunting dogs, Beagles can detect a scent from a long way away.

They’ve been shown to have as many cells for scent detection in their noses as the formidable German Shepherd breed! They have lots of receptors in their muzzle, with 225 million of them. 

This means that Beagles can lock onto a scent of something they want and chase it. If you try to hide the treats, a Beagle may still know where they are.

If the scent of a dead bird entices a Beagle, it may cross the street to get it and bring it home. They could even chase a scent for hours.

Basically, that sense of smell, while impressive, can make them a handful!

2.   They’re Loud

Beagles are loud dogs that enjoy barking and howling. They’re always on the alert and therefore make good watchdogs, but this comes with a lot of noise from them.

You have to be careful not to encourage howling or barking accidentally, or else you’ll end up with a super noisy dog all the time!

3.   They’re Extremely Smart

Smart dogs are a wonder to watch at work as they solve problems and play games. But, at the same time, they can be very difficult to deal with as a first-time dog owner.

Beagles are known for their high intelligence, which means they’ll figure out how to get around obstacles and rules.

This means that, if a Beagle has an agenda, it’s going to do everything it can to pursue those goals. Even if you try to tell them what to do, they may ignore you in favor of trying to get what they want. 

4.   They’re Stubborn

As we mentioned when discussing their intelligence, Beagles are single-minded in achieving their goals.

This stubbornness comes from their past as hunting dogs – they’ll do anything to chase what they want, and they can chase for a very long time.

A lot of training is necessary to keep this in check, which may not be suitable for first-time owners.

5.   They Need a Lot of Exercise

Beagles can get easily bored. When they don’t get enough exercise, they can become hyperactive and restless.

This leads to bad behavior, acting out, and destructive acts that can be difficult to deal with. 

Beagle catching a ball outside

While it goes without saying that all dogs need exercise, first-time dog owners may be overwhelmed by the severe consequences of missing that for a Beagle. 

6.   They’re Escape Artists

Remember that intelligence? Well, that means Beagles solve problems incredibly well and can escape from a lot of different places.

You’ll have to really Beagle-proof your home to keep them in, especially if you plan to leave them outdoors.

Gates and gaps have to be looked over very cautiously. It’s a lot for a first-time dog owner!

6 Reasons Why A Beagle Could Be A Good First Dog

1.   They’re Social

Social dogs are great for first-time owners, as they naturally get along with everyone and want to be around people. This makes socialization easier and makes things a lot more fun.

It’s also good for homes with a lot of people, as a Beagle will enjoy all the attention and affection it will get from people.

Beagles are very friendly dogs and won’t make you work for their love.

They’re loyal and sweet, which makes them really attractive options if you’ve never had a dog before. They like to fit in with a pack and will do their best to assimilate.

2.   They’re Eager to Please

At the heart of them, Beagles want to please their loved ones. This can make training a little easier.

They want to earn your praise and adoration, and the extra motivation of treats certainly adds even more to that!

3.   They’re Easy to Groom

Beagles have a beautiful coat that is very easy to take care of. Their fur is easy to wash and is short, so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

They shed little compared to other dogs and rarely get overly messy, as they don’t pick up a lot of dirt and mud easily. A little brush once or twice every week is enough for a Beagle. 

Beagles also don’t need regular baths, as their skin can dry out if they’re bathed too much. Most shampoos for Beagles only need to be used twice a year.

First-time owners who will get overwhelmed by a dog’s maintenance needs will find Beagles to be a good fit for them.

4.   They’re Peaceful

First-time dog owners likely don’t want to work with an aggressive or reactive breed. Beagles are very peaceful – they’re all bark and no bite.

They’re pretty patient and easygoing and won’t get irritated too easily. This makes them great for families with kids, too!

5.   They’re Compact

With their relatively small size, Beagles are easy to handle and aren’t so big that they can overpower you with their excitement and strength.

They’re easy enough to move about, walk, and control, which makes them ideal for first-time owners. 

6.   They’re Adaptable

Beagles take well to new environments. Bringing a Beagle home with you and getting it used to your home will not be as difficult as it might be with some other breeds.

They’ll even do well in apartments and will find a way to get comfortable. At the end of the day, they just need love and attention to feel like they fit in somewhere!

How To Evaluate If A Beagle Is Right For You

Beagles need your devotion. You need to be able to care for their exercise needs, their attention needs, and their intellectual capabilities.

These dogs can act out when not trained well, so they really need you to be 100% in touch with their needs and to fulfill them well.

If you’ll likely have to leave your dog at home for long periods of time at work, beagles may not be the best idea for your first dog.

But if you’ll be able to devote your time to proper training, sufficient affection, and a good exercise routine, these dogs will reward you with their deepest loyalty, love, and big personalities!


Beagles may be good for some first-time dog owners, but they’ll be an equally bad choice for others. Evaluate whether your life is suitable for a Beagle based on your own circumstances, abilities, and time!